Monday, April 18, 2011


Królikarnia or The Rabbit house, is an amazingly simple concept as a residence and environs, the curator Joanna Torchała has done a wonderful job. It is basically, and this is purely my interpretation, that art should be accessible to people, life should be about fun, and places of significance are only significant if they can affect people in an efficient and effective positive manner. Sometimes, humans do have a tendency to over complicate things. Warsaw's parks can display this with their habit of wanting to look and be too perfect. Which is great in the sense that we all like to see pretty and perfect things, but it can be to the detriment of the people who are visiting there. Where there are some great green spaces in many parks but many that can't be sat on, laid on or attacked viciously in the form of walking barefoot on them. So here at Królikarnia as you can see by this sign (please click on it to be able to read the fabulous wordings),
it is all about people, people and art, people and nature, nature and art. Great combinations if you ask me.On the way in you get a plaque,
and face on each side of the gate. So the art starts at the front, or is it just a facade? Bad pun!
Lets start with a fish with boobs getting horny.
or is the "Fish with Boobs" just sucking her icecream out of the bottom of the cone? Come on, we have all done that at least once.
Strangely erotic or over eater?
I like this guy he looks so darned mischievous
Rather smug looking guy with a big hat.
Little happy ceramic things.
Who's moustache is it, Lech Wałęsa or Josef Stalin, you make the choice. I am voting for a third party, ex-Australian cricket captain Graham Yallop instead.
A bit of an old boar! haha classic pun that one.
So a trip to the Królikarnia is well worth it, especially if you have a beautiful sunny day at your disposal. They hold lots of Jazz and classic music there in the summer too apparently, I have not yet appreciated this. So ponder it as an option, like Marty is here with the view over the gardens, surrounding town houses and the "beautiful" and omnipresent Sadyba Power Station.....
So we shall end with a rather easy, what is it photo? Have a guess and see how smart you are.


Paddy said...

it's either a crate for putting bottles in or the soft rubber mats they put down for slippery surfaces such as on stairs, am I right?!

Gee Em said...

Ok, so you are either super smart or it was too easy. I will go with the super smart as I am in a good mood :) Yeah, it was one of those non-slip mats. Damn, lucky I have another what is it challenge soon :)

Paddy said...

I reluctantly accept your analysis! bring it on!

Tefl Secretagent said...

Love the pictures of fish getting horny. Has to be the most random, yet strangely intriguing thing on the Polish blogosphere this week! and yeah, we all eat ice cream that way... messy is fun!

Gee Em said...

hey TEFL thanks for that. I haven't eaten an icecream like that in a while but the fish with boobs certainly has inspired me.

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