Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mokotow Strolls.

It is that time of year when strolls around Warsaw and it's burbs are certainly more enjoyable. Yes, there is sun, there are smiles and there are many more people whiter than me. So when the legs are out I don't feel so bad. A few weekends back we decided to enjoy the sunshine in one of our popular haunts in Mokotow. You may have already seen photos from the Granny Park and Królikarnia well the area in these photos is quite nearby.

So off we go.
The Metro from the stairs, this is the view of Racławica as we exited. I kind of liked the error as I obviously took the light reading off the lights and not the darks, photo speak for Garth screwed up but is relatively happy.

City love

Old ball boy
Two battered ball boys
Malinowa magic
You can see gramps thinking about another icecream, while his young companion tells a friend how great it was
is that Prince William?
it is all foreign to me!
Go banana!from Ralph
This picture reminds me on a song sung by Marty.


Paddy said...

What, no guess the photo competition? I'm disappointed! Nevertheless I really like the photos, they're just the type I'd like to take if I wasn't a poor, starving teacher who takes photos with a little box and a bowl of silver chloride.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Paddy. The piece of camera gear that I own should get me some decent photos or I would be very disappointed. I saved up for it for a year! haha. There will be a guess the photo soon. The biggest problem with summer is I spend so much time outside taking photos I never seem to want to go through them on the computer!

yellerbelly said...

Great photos. I used to live in Mokotów and know these places well - especially Malinova. We used to cycle here with the kids at the weekend and sit on the bench. 'Cookies' is by far the best!

You could sit and watch so many colourful characters come and go from that bench. The guy has a very contemplative expression on his face.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Yeller. Yeah it is nice place to people watch. Especially in weather like today. It is around the 30C at the moment! Classic weather for icecream. While I would love to have to cookie one, I am stuck on sorbets for the moment to try and reduce my Poland inflated cholesterol! I never had a problem before I came here to eat all the lovely sausage, creams, icecreams, pork..... the list goes on.

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