Thursday, July 07, 2011

Barn Storming.

Sometimes in life we miss out because we are in a rush. When in Warsaw, I am always seeing people whirl around me, running for buses, trams, trains when chances are they would only need to wait a maximum of ten minutes for the next one. When we rush, we miss the little things. I remember when I would catch the train to work and walk down Rundle Mall in Adelaide. At first I would always rush to get to work early, then one day a woman smiled at me, it made me smile. I then continued to smile at people as I walked down the mall those morning following, some people smiled back, some thought I was a serial killer but it was this that slowed me down. Then I started to look around me, it was so early in the morning there wasn't many people to be smiling at like a chuckle headed loon, so I started to look past the shop window displays and the horribly ugly signage associated with sales, new shipments, or whatever else they would try to rope the customers in with. I looked up, I saw the old building facades the beautiful bricks that you would never see in the "glitz" of the shop fronts. From then on I have tried to look at all the little things around me. From sewer covers, to building finishes. So this post is about the little bits of a 100 year old barn in Sokolka.

The devil is in the detail.

More hinge
A different Hinge
hook and chain
knot of wood
Knot and gap with straw
Banging on
The door
Nail and Grain
Knocked out knot
Nailed wood end
Wire in the sky
So maybe now when you are out and about check out the small things around you.


Erin said...

I like this .... yes slowing down to notice the lovely things.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Erin, it is something I notice even more here in Poland. Probably because I am always on public transport. Hope you and the family are well :)

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