Monday, July 04, 2011

Farmers Park(et) - if you go down to the woods today..........

Something great about where I live is that there is quite a lot of green within easy touching distance. There aren't really any decent sized parks to jog around, but there is a big forest. So what would you expect to see?


pretty nettles

angry looking nettles

wild flowers maybe
trees, no doubt
However, this is only a very small part of what you will encounter in Kabaty. As, just before you can enter the forest you actually have to cross a farmer's land. Which, to be honest, you have to feel for him a bit. There must be hundreds or thousands of bikes, dogs, prams, the odd dirt bike, the main inhabitant of these areas is a bipedal creature often passing through, other times lying in or some even stealing small "samples" of his planted fields.
A typical scene
But, look a little closer.
Near naked

Dogs and evil gingers


An more bipeds escaping

I tried to take another photo of these two people to give an example of the space and size of this non-traditional thoroughfare.
They are having fun.
I zoomed in on the photo to see they are taking photos
On closer look they are just again trying to get nude.

So you travel a small well worn road to find the true farm


Looks just as good in black and white

Decent head of wheat that.
Potatoes in flower

Who ever thought potatoes could be pretty?

And what is this? A love heart bush?
No, it is just a wild horseradish

What is this odd creature? I think it eats only wheat

Here it is caged and trying to escape into the forest, like so many other bipedal creatures.


Paddy said...

Another lovely, if at terms pervy, post. But who am I to criticise!!

Gee Em said...

Hahaha to be perfectly honest, it wasn't until I came home and zoomed in that I even noticed the bikinis and the girl showing a little to much when jumping! Scary!

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