Thursday, July 26, 2012

More night lights now with added cheese

The other day we went for a little bike ride to the end of the metro line. First we found something magical, no, wonderful, no, unbelievable! It was..... and still is...... THE HOUSE OF CHEESE! How amazing. A house entirely made of cheese! Ok, I jest, it is a shop called the House of Cheese, and that to me is still pretty darned amazing. We stopped off there and had a poke around, trying to find out what they had. We were very impressed with the set up, the cheeses on selection and the service. So we decided to have a glass of wine each and a plate of cheese. I cannot recommend this strongly enough as a great way to not eat your dinner later, while still having a lactose enriched time. You can, of course, buy "normal" meals, but why would you when you have about 100 cheeses to choose from?! Poland, as I have mentioned previously, has many soft/white cheeses, people in Poland love dairy products, yet I am still to see any good hard cheeses from them. I was hoping to find them in this shop, but alas no. They specialise in imported cheeses, yet I did not complain, merely consume.

We then continued on the journey to the end of the line there we found the annual travelling carnival that seems to pop up in this neighbourhood each year. It is interesting as it all just seems a little sad, these people come from the Czech republic each year to try and make some summer money, but it just doesn't seem so popular. Maybe we have just been there at bad times.... That is of course possible. We popped by briefly at sunset to see how it looked and like so many others kept moving.

Did you read that rides name right?

Yes, it is the Power Tripe. Not sure how you make tripe powered.... maybe chili?

Oh this is how you power Tripe.

We ended up doing a little tour of the neighbourhood on our bikes in the setting sun, it was really quite pretty and you forget how soft light can make even the most drab and run-of-the-mill apartments look soft and lovely with pastel like lighting. The windows glow, no matter how dirty they are, the shadows grow long and great amazing shapes, and all the birds fly about frantically to return to their roosts. The worst thing about being someone who likes photography is that if you are riding a bike it is really hard to stop, get your camera out and take the photo you really want sometimes.
Sunset over Kazury

 As the sun sets away, we stopped in front of the church (Kościół pw. Ofiarowania Pańskiego (or the church of Jesus at the Temple) to take a few time lapse photos. I have always liked time lapse photography and really should do more, I just need to get organised enough to bring my tripod with me all the time.

I think this is close to my favourite photo this year.

That is two stop signs I have now, Natolin and Imielin... one day I will collect them all!

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