Sunday, July 08, 2012

Street walking

I haven't been on the streets for a while to snap up the world around me, so here is a massive dump of people from Wawa. I finished work early on a Friday morning so strolled around the city centre and took some photos of those up early in the morn. Almost all in B&W as it is my favoured colouring these days.
Black and white patters in black and white on a sunny day! Magnificent.
Breaking up the people with some buildings.
Tall friends
I am like a magpie, I like shiny things.
blurry aviator
Come on Zara open we NEED sale items
football bag
bubble pants
little girl big box
More architectural bits
On your bike
Again B&W in B&W. Great
You gotta love some granny action
In silky dresses
Stick to it.
I like a flowing skirt in summer
So cute!
This was some great rich yellow but I like the shine in B&W
B&W on the bike
Olska :)

Product placement
Love the lace shadow and cheeky tat
Is this the same dress from the model? Probably no, but aqua skirts are in, girls.
Such a cool grandpa

smooth lines
shirtless blokes always questionable at 10AM
working hard
Y? oh suspenders :D


Crawler said...

I don't know what's so fascinating about photographing random people, but whenever I watch those and read some rather funny captions (Olska put a smile on my face, but Such a cool grandpa made my day!) my mood goes way up ;)

My girlfriend has a quite good camera and now I feel somewhat tempted to take them both for a walk around Kraków and make a response to your post :D

Gee Em said...

Great idea, I loved sitting in Rynek in Krakow, with the Hejnal playing away and snapping photos. I think the best part about random street photography is it feel familiar, but is always new and different :) I look forward to you getting out there and snapping away :D

Crawler said...

Shit man, now I feel not only tempted but obligated to do it!

Gee Em said...

I look forward to seeing the end results. :D

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