Friday, July 06, 2012

Stara Ochota

A couple of weeks back we took a tour around Stara Ochota (Old Desire). Funnily named as it is only 100 years old. So not really that old. It was a really interesting tour from what I could gather (it was all in Polish), I didn't quite get it all, but Marty tried to translate as much as possible. It is hard as I want to listen to see what I understand now with a slight increase in my Polish language base, but I do not want to miss the info and it is hard for her to remember the whole story for translating when the guide talks for 5-10 minutes per stop..... so damned if you do and damned if you don't, in that sense. Either way I can recommend everyone the tour group we took, if you speak Polish of course, click here.

It was nice seeing old chocolate factories, the houses and controversies that surround certain areas too. I left a little early as I was feeling a little ill (I had some horrid allergic reaction to a tree, or a flu...hard to say). It ended up going for 4 hours, and just for 20PLN. Bargain!

Now where did I park my bike?
Rebel Radio Mural
Whole mural
I love the old schoolness to this.
Our guide and some of the group

Sooooo 80's glass

Zygmunt crashed his plane here, he went to hospital, the man he landed on didn't.

We nearly bought an apartment right here!

Hala Kopinska, once a pool, now a market.

The group learning about the world near alcatraz.

Damn that is some interesting hair.......

I am Mr Vain. or is that Mr Vein.


Ysabella said...

Och, I live here in Old Desire District and did not know that Hala Kopinska used to be a pool. I will look at it in a differen way now :-)

Gee Em said...

I know Ysa, as I was on the tour I was thinking you would have loved it! I should have texted you to tell you about it.

Crawler said...

I just got here from Pan Steeva's Blog and I'm very impressed. I'm from southern Poland and I thought I'd never like Warsaw, but your photos are beautiful and very convincing. You should check a blog about my hometown. I don't know the author, but he can extract the town's beauty in some photos.

Gee Em said...

Thanks for the compliments Crawler.

I have had a look at the blog you suggested, it looks a nice town and full of sun at the moment.

Warsaw, isn't a traditionally beautiful town it is what I would call more quirky. It is really diverse and that is the fun part of it :D

Crawler said...

I currently live in Kraków, therefore I think I know what you mean by calling a city diverse. Kraków is a city so diverse, that while travelling through its districts you might get a feeling, you've changed cities several times. If you're willing to travel somewhere for sightseeing, southern Poland will welcome you with everything it has got! Kraków, Wrocław and all smaller towns not far away from those two are the best if you want to see something extraordinary!
Man, I'm such a bad salesman :D

Gee Em said...

I have been to Southern Poland a couple of times always to Krakow, but hopefully later this year we will venture to Wroclaw. I am sure it is good and you sold me well. Maybe ask the tourism board for a commission ;)

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