Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lego date

Our great creative friend Ewa asked us on a date, a games night. She is an expert at home entertainment and so provided us with something new. A game called "Creationary", it is fab and I recommend it to all of you who either have a construction nerd inside you, or a little kid at heart. I am both, so it fits nicely. It is a simple concept, you get a card of difficulty to your choosing and the dice you roll gives your the "genre" to make from. Some are really difficult others were really easy. It was a great test of the mind in a sweltering evening and especially after some beers and great gazpacho soup it was all the more enjoyable.

space station

thinking, thinking

"How can you not guess it?!"

"God I need a drink"

yes it is a panda.

easy, transportation card. :)

love things with wheels

"How do I make grass with lego?"

It is a glacier you stupids.

look a shoe shop!

Of course, a parachute......

chairlift anyone?

Taj Mahal.

It is a saw, as if you needed to ask.

"Damn it, where do I find the things to make this thing....."

"No, it isn't a docking station, it is a screw driver!"
With the winter months coming we will be searching for home activities that can keep us entertained and out of the cold..... I am sure all you Northern Hemisphere people will be doing the same. We will continue to play Scrabble, and hopefully one day soon I will be able to play the Polish version..... maybe. What else could we look at to invest in for these cold months, any ideas?


Anonymous said...

That games looks like loads of fun... Especially if beverages are involved ;) LOL! Yash xx

Gee Em said...

Thanks Yash! I am sure you would have some boardgames recommendable from all the cold nights at home with the boys, no?

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