Monday, September 03, 2012

Norf Scootland

The day after the wedding we hit the road after saying our goodbyes, and headed to Perth. To be honest, Perth is a town you could miss without really noticing. The chain shops dominate the high street and it just feels all a little sad. The buildings along the Tay River looked pretty but when they are located next to a really busy road that runs along the river, it kind of pushes you away from them. Also the fact that you need to pay for parking most everywhere was a bit of a deterrent. We stopped because I was starving, and maybe a little hungover. We popped into a cafe for breakfast. We were looking for a cafe for a fry up breakfast for the driver aka me and located Cafe Biba, which was pleasant and the service was quite quick and friendly another advantage was that their coffee was actually decent, not all that common in Scotland.

This is the "Scottish Breakfast" it basically is an English breakfast with some haggis which looks a lot like black pudding. Beans, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, fried egg and tomato and some really weird potato things.
Swing bridge at Pitlochry

The River Tummel
What is it?
Yes, good guess. It is the foam from the overflow of the Hydro Station
Railway station
It is the royal Scotsman

Edradour, pronounced like flower.

Their whisky all types.


The mouth of the Lossie River at...... Lossiemouth.... not sure where these Scots get their place names.


Sunset and a lighthouse

Is that a dragon?

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