Friday, September 28, 2012

Wrocław - The first day.

We flew down to Wrocław and took the bus from the very attractive airport. The bus driver let down the original experience by driving like someone who had just discovered that there are two pedals on the floor each having a different use. So using them he did, first one as much as possible then the other. Made for a fun bus ride with all these people from the airport with bags.

Once we arrived as close to our accommodation as the bus would take us we still had a good ten minute walk to pick up our keys to our apartment that we rented. It was a good chance to get a feeling for the city as well as to start the new game of "Spot the Dwarfs". No, I am not talking about my father, although I am sure some other tourists took photos of him thinking he was one. But about the Wrocław Dwarfs which came to symbolise the Orange Alternative an underground political movement. Today there are more than 170 dwarfs throughout Wrocław. More on that in another post.

One side of the Rynek (Central square)
Princess Polo

up popped a deer

"You say what?"

No the light isn't actually on.

I swear it is dwarf detail.

Ok, can someone tell me what the heck that animal on the right is?

I think I have decided on my dish

Someone seems happy with my choice.

ohhhhh and so am I!

a little golonka

Why not a schabowy... aka schnitzel

He must have eaten as much as me! Lazy.

Someone is pleased we found the gelato shop.

Ghosts in the Rynek

All lit up.


View from our apartment.

It also looks good in B&W.

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