Friday, August 31, 2012

Picnic on a hilltop

While the weather is good we wanted to take advantage of the sun, the pleasant long evenings and the free time we had and so, decided to have a little picnic. We headed to the man made hill, Kopa Cwila, in Ursynow. It is probably, I would guess, about 40-50m high and is made of by product from the building of the Ursynow district and the metro line. It has a great view of the surrounding area, covered in wild flowers, grasses and amorous couples.
Proud of riding to the top so lets take a photo

Heck, let's both get in there.
We also invited the glamours Doroty
All full of style, and something mysterious in her pocket I think.

Some dips, some knackerbrod, some drinks and some organic tomatoes from Doroty's in-laws.

Getting the swiss army knife ready to rip open the bottles

Doroty looking fired up for a meal.

Sun makes you squint

there is a bad moon rising.

Let's end with a Mate Cola product shot.

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