Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Along the Vistula

We met up with my dietician, the one I call "Creamy." We wanted to enjoy the great weather. Along the Vistula we strolled. From the ducks of Agrykola, to the hipsters of Miasto Cypel. Under bridges. Past wildflowers. Up to Powisle and the Copernicus Science centre, then into town for a burger. I'll let the pictures speak with a little caption or two.

The Agrykola park ducks get their own floating gazebo
The kids have a giggle

Sawa the vandal
horsing about.
I love clouds
discovering wonders in the flea market
nature along the river

under the bridge downtown.
Stadium, bridge and clouds
I also have a thing for cranes

stroke stroke stroke
bridge too far
Polish cage dancers.
Photo display along the vistula
Copernicus Centre for Science. I still haven't gone in there! Too many crowds.

After so much walking we were peckish. So we headed to Lokal Bistro one of the new burger bars popping up in Warsaw lately. It is like a plague.
They sell Konstancin beer, a local brew which is quite nice.
You can tell by the design it is a bit of a hipster hangout.
First we ordered the cheese platter which was nice, but not over whelming.

And of course a few handles of Konstancin beer, which went down very well.
Next the burgers, here we have the smoked cod burger
And this is the pure Angus beef burger, I also added a fried egg. While the burgers were pleasant I think they really need some sort of side dish fries of course are traditional but maybe something a little different like roast wedges or patatas bravas would be good. It just needed a little something.
finally one of the new rental bike locations, shows you how popular bike riding has become in Warsaw! Of three of these here, there were only 2 bikes! Go Warsaw!

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