Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wild East food.

My father-in-law introduced us to a new restaurant just outside Białystok. It is called "Folwark Nadawki", and anyone heading out East really should give it a try, it has lots of local flavour and even some Tatar food as well. Nothing can be wrong with that, but be warned, the food is in monster proportions! The food was great quality, very good. And we even rocked into the place at about 4 in the afternoon and were greeted nicely, sat outside served well and were lucky enough to hear the donkey baying in the distance. 

All in a days work, life really is hard.

The warm up, pork mince with apple, pork fat and paprika served with good local bread and the ubiquitous Ogorki (pickles)

Why not a glass of miod pitny was a dwojnak (drinking honey at 2:1 ratio)  to wash it down


part of the menu

Pielmieni Eastern dumplings with fish.
Pan fried trout

Czeburaki which is tatar pasties.

See just like a pasty, great flavours but one would have done, these were bigger than a hand!

Shame the only moose on the menu was literally on the menu....

Even though we were rolling round like sumo wrestlers we could not resist some dessert pierogi with strawberries

You just don't want to waste that syrup and cream!

Folwark basically means working farm or ranch or homestead or outpost or something that is a combination of all these. It is a farm with activity such as a restaurant and accommodation etc.

Our singing donkey.

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