Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flapping around in Fife, Scotland

This year we were wondering what to do with our holidays, then a little email popped into my facebook account and next a little red note into my letter box. We had been invited to a wedding of close family friends. It was to be, in Southern Scotland. We looked at how to get there, during the time of the Edinburgh festival without losing our entire bank balance.... we decided that bank balances really aren't that important, if we needed more money desperately I would just work more. I can function without sleep..... right?

So we jumped on a little adventure via Frankfurt (probably the ugliest airport in Europe, here's a novel idea Frankfurt Airport owners, try cleaning it!) then onto Aberdeen. Where we grabbed the hire car (named Fogg, pronounced Fodge like dodge) and drive down to the Kingdom of Fife. We started stuck in traffic in Aberdeen! I mean, seriously? Traffic? In Aberdeen... anyway then we smashed into a bank of fog (hence the cars nickname) and after the fog we entered blazing sunshine. We arrived in time at the quaint Ship Inn  just in time to get a half haddock and chips and a couple of Deuchars IPA, a great little Scottish ale. I really enjoyed them after the drive.
Airport nipples.... I think.

Our habitual German Airport meal Marty got the Franks

I got the Nurembergs (please note these photos make it look better than it was)

and a Paulaner (always as good as it was)

First drop with Uncle Gra.

Next "Make mine a Best" I have to admit if I was to move back to the UK it would be for the real ales. I miss them.
Next morning we were up early and off to Crail a beautiful little fishing village, to have a poke around before the wedding in the afternoon.
I couldn't tell if I liked it in B&W or Colour. you can chose.

Such a cute idea.
The thing about wild flowers is the are just that and do what they want! Go wild flowers you grow out that wall.
Walkway to the bay
Lined with wildflowers
And at the shore there is the thistles! Could it get more Scottish?
They are pretty cool, no?
Thistles one side Rosehips the other. There is a lot of jam to be made here.
I am sure on a sunny day we wouldn't have got a table here, but it was foggy and for us even better.
improvised paperweight, organic and locally sourced ;)
Luckily they didn't have crabs.

They will pick your pockets

You know you are in Scotland when the bagpipes greet you at the door.

World famous fish and chip shop

Fried goodness

From left: Smoked fish cakes, smoked Mackerel grilled, whitebait and mushy peas.

I do love whitebait

I must finish, as now I am hungry!

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