Saturday, October 13, 2012

Milk machine

A small break from the trip around Wroclaw because...............Oh my freaking god! The coolest thing has arrived in Ursynow. It is an automatic milk machine! We were out walking in some great late afternoon Autumn sunshine and got to the edge of the market near our place and found something new! Admittedly we hardly walk down this part of the street, sometimes I will jog here but of course I am not really looking at the market for milk dispensaries, but more at the uneven pavers from all the cars going in and out of the market.

So, when we strolled past as the sun set we were most pleasantly surprised to find a milk vending machine. I haven't seen anything like it before, here or abroad. After researching it more on the interweb thing, it turns out it has only been in a month, so I don't feel that bad.

How does it work?

 So it is an easy concept, you pick a bottle type. There is plastic or glass, half a litre or a whole. Along with some milk additives like flavourings like Raspberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

The milk is stored at a good temperature, but there is no change given, the only downside.

4 zloty or 1 Euro/1.23AUD/0.79pence for a litre is a good price too

so chose your bottle, we always chose glass for our milk.

put it into the dispenser

and away we go.

it is 4% milk too, full fat! Yes!

And seriously this whole process took 2 minutes, quicker than lining up at the shop
If you are near the corner of Braci Wagów and Filipiny Płaskowickiej check it out. There are only two locations in Warsaw (both in the southern suburbs) where milk is dispensed like this check it out on the website here. I recommend it, people need to be rewarded for their ingenuity. Also, for every machine there is only one supplier (farmer) ours is Danuta Podsiedlik.. Get on board people!

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