Thursday, October 25, 2012

The family hits K-town

Krakow, Kraktown, K-town call it anything. It is probably the most popular Polish city with the tourists. This is probably largely due to the amount of cheap flights that come to Krakow and its neighbouring Katowice from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and a number of other areas. This said along with all the tourist tack there is also some really lovely things. Let's see what we can find.
We have a great show for you tonight.
Reading Pan Tadeusz
On the Rynek
from the ground the view up the Mariacka Wieza
and the view from the top starts.

down below the reading of Pan Tadeusz

The playing of the Hejnal. The hejnal was originally a warning to the city that people were attacking/approaching the city. The reason it stops in what is the middle is because that is when one day the original trumpeter was struck in the neck by an arrow.

All these people thought I might be the trumpet player again. Sorry, to disappoint.
And now down again.
Pigeon cafe.
for a quick coffee.

This one looks happy.
the streets
black and white again.
And then lunch at Morela, it was lovely buckwheat.

And a blue cheese and orange salad.

gotta love an ice cream
floaty and a ciggie

the sign is crying.

hover feet.
These clarks are made for walking.
I really like this one.
Mariacka Tower (Wieza)

Time to think about tomorrow.

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