Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wroclaw cont.....

The world of Wroclaw continues, will it ever end? Well, yes. But the fact is, that Wroclaw is really a very photographic town. I liked it. Hence the reason that it is photographed a lot by me. There was lots of activity around the central Rynek (square) and so there are many photos of the people strolling around there. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you all with volume on this post! There are plenty of photos!

Wroclaw market hall, nice design. Nice and light filled.
And they have berries!
lots of fresh goodness

Chanterelles for less than $AUD10/kg

Dried things

look at the berry vultures hovering.

mmmmmm meat

Krowka, the caramel that stops a nation. This one is Popular....

Market outside

Key lady

Is there a better place than this and a time than now?

The love bridge

The love bridge has the thought that people who get married buy a padlock and put their names and wedding date on the lock, lock it onto the bridge and throw the key into the water to keep the bond together. Apparently they are to renovate the bridge and will remove all the locks..... a little sad really, but such is life.

I love black and white in black and white.
heavy duty door

The roofs and beyond.
pot of beer

Pierogi baked and steamed

Make every second of wiping your forehead count.

I seriously have no idea what animal has a kangaroo head and squirrel tail....

I would love to claim b&w in b&w but it was yellow and blue ;)

b&w in b&w!

I can't wait to see what they change into.... an effective workforce maybe?


This is another of my favourite pics, sunsetting in the urban fringe of old town


I really like the sleekness of this building.

And there ends another night.

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