Sunday, April 21, 2013

Miłosław Niefiltrowane

Miłosław Niefiltrowane

  *Product Review*

Brewery: Fortuna w Miłosławiu
Alcohol: 5.5%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.99PLN

Apperance: A beautiful natural cloudiness to it. Bright amber/gold in colour.

Aroma: Hoppy, malty, creamy, and a little citrus coming through.
In the mouth: In the mouth it has a brief initial sweetness which soon turns to a rich honey and creaminess, some hops there but not so much. It ends up being a little grassy, plenty of malty goodness.
Drink with: A great one to have with Asian food especially things that are spicy and/or salty. A good summer beverage.


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