Friday, April 19, 2013

What to do on a wet day in Rome...... the Vatican Museum of course.

What to do in Rome when it rains? Well, the Vatican Museum will keep most intrigued for a very long time. And if you don't get there early it could just be the line up that keeps you busy. Apparently sometimes it can be a 2 hour (plus) wait, just to get in. We, on the other hand, were lucky to walk straight in and be unburdened with crowds. So, if you are a Catholic and want to know where all your and your forefathers' donations went, have a look around this place and it will be evident very quickly.

Nothing like checkers on a boat....
Yeah not the best day to be outside.
Let's head south Daffy
Man the drugs must have been great back then
Sad manly lion
I can't remember the name of this.... maybe "party at mine"
Everyone is looking up when there is a naked kid running around.
Lazy Da Vinci, couldn't be arsed doing the hand.
Give me head he said.....
Bro, I'm telling you pointy hats are so last year.
As if people feet were clean in those days.
One of my favs, Ryckaert The Younger great Baroque work with the Alchemist
Hi-Ro glyphics
Number five with black bean sauce.
Mummy, wake up
A bird with magical powers
And I thought these were reliefs but they are all paintings.
The insanely good gallery of maps
Here is my order and remember no anchovies. I hate those furry things.

I do like the floors
my sneaky Sistine Chapel photo.... ok, it is shocking. Sorry. but it was against the rules!

I am amazed at the collection of the Vatican Museum it ranks, for me, very highly in the most impressive museums I have seen. Not for the big names like the Sistine etc but for the sheer volume and quality throughout and it is well represented. Now what was it about the new Pope said about being humble......

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