Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vatican - you can't teach an old pope new tricks

So, we strolled towards the Vatican, people were running past us, carrying babies, children, dogs, all sorts of odd things. Then when we walked around the corner to see people staring at a little figure doing a mike check from a top floor window. I had no idea what he was yelling, but the crowd didn't go "Ho!" at all. I asked for my money back, then I was told it was free.....

You have to love a kid with a camera the size of her head.

Please please please remember if leggins were pants they would be called.....pants. Therefore they are not pants, please cover that.

I got the whole jesus in my hands, I got the whole jesus in my hand I got the whole kid in my hands. That is the song, right?

Mangoes look different here.....


Quality Vatican street art

If the day ends with a merry-go-round, it has been a good day.

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