Thursday, July 07, 2016

Lazy yen key

A stroll through Łazienki park in the twilight is something really special, especially if you have a tripod.
Let's have a look.......

The glow is right
For hedgehogs!

even the park lights in Agrykola ar softening.

Posters and Poland always together.

make a bit of an impact.
Even in black and white.

a bit of long exposure
And then some more.
The Chinese pavilions were ablaze
Discussing important matter.
Some Polish girls dancing Chinese dances.
And being filmed by a friend

The gate and complex shadows.
Zamek Ujazdowskie all lit up
In Agrykola the playing fields even looked good
The lake and late evening.
Almost 3D lighting!

busy corner.

The lonely lamp.

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