Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sicily - Taormina and Riposto

I am slowly getting through photos now that the summer is here and there is a little less work for an old teacher. Which means you get flooded with my past holidays, sorry, kind of not sorry. Here we return to Sicily, ahhhh my beautiful Sicily. I wish I'd learned Italian at school, or just from some of my Italian friends when I was growing up.

Here we visit Taormina, a place made famous by many famous people all the way back to dandiest dandy, Oscar Wilde. For me though, it didn't have the appeal, maybe I was having a bad day, but it just felt bland and cliche.

These stairs were pretty though

The side alleyways are nice.

Nothing like a pothead.

Even though these are smoking related, something I detest, they are still displayed in a nice way.

Our old buddy Etna just hanging around.

So after Taormina and a few stops along the coast on our way back to our accommodation, we decided we would like fish for dinner, so stopped at a lovely little seaside village Riposto. Probably once a grand town, not is it just a series of boarded up houses and some recently updated holiday cottages. That said it was full of rugged beauty. That and the fish was super fresh, super cheap and exquisite when I cooked it in a little olive oil. Alas, it was so lovely I forgot to take photos.

The new
vs the old

If I labelled this modern art I could probably sell if for a fortune.

At the end of the day we decided to make an environmental survey and came up with these lovelies, that are now pressed and dried as a momento. Ahhhh the simple life.

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