Saturday, July 02, 2016

Ochota and surrounds

Recently we have had some really stormy weather. Quite violent at times. It is sad to see the trees getting smashed and breaking up. Big beautiful old trees, that have been weakened by disease and time. The area we live in is really beautiful because we have many old trees. This is a main reason we decided to move here. Greenery softens the city and brightens the soul.

Night storms

A tree that has turned to honeycomb with a disease.

That is why it fell in big winds recently.

One of the coolest parts of town, Filtry.

One of the best coffee shops in Warsaw, on Filtry street, next to the Filtry installation called oddly Filtry.... creative!
I snapped our baristas tattoo, as it fitted in well with the theme of our work. Burza = Storm.

małe przyjemności - small pleasures. A reminder of all the little things. Like nice handwriting.
Więcej czułości - more sensitivity, it's the little things. Hold hands more. Hug. Smile. Be good.
I actually like these little garages, I would love to have one as a workshop, if I had a skill I could perform there!
Light and shadow, the little things.
Little windows, it's the little things.
I prefer the older number to the new.
Glass windows.
The chrysalis. 
Are we storm clouds? Nope.
Corners and clouds.
Corners and clouds.
Glass windows to the sky.
More wooden details. It's the little things.
I Heart Old People Reading in parks!
Moving house? When a bird house is blown down in storms.

The cool details of an empty ramp.
Folks hoofing it along the ramp. Happy puppy, too.

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