Friday, January 12, 2018

Las Médulas, Castilla y León, Spain.

Las Médulas is an old Roman gold mining site. There are still obvious relics from the days of this mining. Shafts dug deep into the rock face, which were then flooded until the side of the cliff fell down. Certainly not the most environmentally friendly option available for the area.... but it has left us with some very interesting views now a days.

You can see in the rock face the previously dug shafts as well as a wider section which was part of it all.
It certainly makes for an ethereal view these days. 

After the view from above you can drive down and walk the valley below. Walking through this part of the valley you will see the chestnut trees that are marked for local families who collect their produce.

You can see the size of some of the "man made" caves here with a tiny little person at the bottom.

We were lucky with weather, timing and the sunset really lighting these peaks up.

Worth the drive and hike to see this part of Spain, maybe less visited as it is so far from any other major city, with Leon being the closest big city.

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