Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain. Segundo dia.

As there were so many photos from this incredible part of the world, it ended up being divided into two. Here is the second part. A winery tour and a world of food, surprised? I didn't think so.

Windy roads, rivers and trails.

More twists and turns

Or a coloured version

The true stars of the valley.

Some other locals.

I may have borrowed these....

Albarino being made.

We stopped off for a tasting at Adega Vella a small family run winery in an unexpected setting.

Yes, it is right next to the town's cemetery.

On the recommendation of the winery family, we went to a local restaurant Meson Casa Lelo. It was fantastic! Like this fabada, which I couldn't stop spooning ladles of into my plate.
Some Razor clams.

A version of so bucco.
Some grilled fish. All was washed down with some delicious cooled local red and sparkling water.

Crossing the Sil again, and leaving Galicia for Castilla y Leon, the largest state of Spain.

The scenes remained the same, cliff faces covered by vines and the river poking up on occasions. 
But we are still on the camino.
Onwards into the dry interior we go!


Joy said...

Winery and food go hand in hand, right? ;) I like the contrast in your photos.

I'm really hoping we can see more of Spain and get to Portugal this year. Yay!

Gee Em said...

They do indeed! I am sure you will love this part of Spain. If you can't get a good flight to Santiago de Compostela then maybe another option is to fly to Porto and drive up from there, getting two countries in one trip! :)