Friday, January 26, 2018

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

As we get close to the completion of the trip, we get to the capital of Asturias, Oviedo. It is seen as a somewhat wealthy and well to do town. People dress quite well and seem to spend lots of time in bars, cafes and restaurants. This may also be partly linked to the fact that we were there during a festival weekend. A bit of a student town, too, but it really is a nice place to go, even if they have a Woody Allen statue.

Plenty of baked love here.
The boulevard of cider, maybe also broken dreams.

Look at these beauties. I know a couple of Olgas but are they this sweet?
Festival crowds getting the good seats.

I think this statue is related to the churros.....

The next morning was a little hazy, and no, it wasn't because of the cava the night before. I went for a run that day, and it was amazing to see the town at 7AM the morning after the festival. Hazy for me, and hazy for others in a very different way.

I've started to return my love to my roots of 70s glass doors, my father would be proud... I think.

Ice cream neons, must be festival related!

On the second day we went to the museum of fine arts of Asturias, and it was surprisingly good. You have to love a dragon and saint.

I had some massive hair envy here.

I think the disciples are wishing deodorant was invented by the looks on their faces. 

The great babcia

I wish that years ago I had started the series of babies with the faces of old men, this would be a contender for man baby of the year.

This was an amazing painting called "The hospital garden" of Carl Frithjof Smith.

Just look at that granny!


A really cool window with the reflection of passersby

Some of the neons

These neons depict how I felt in Oviedo, it is a cool little town. Good food, wine and coffee and easy to get around.

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