Sunday, December 13, 2009

Autumn catch up

Well, with Winter knocking away on the door, apparently we will be getting some -20C weather this week. That not only scares me, but makes me think I will be investing in some winter long johns pretty darned soon. So with this coming, I really need to get myself organised, so that I can put some Autumn photos up. This years Autumn was really quick, because we had a huge cold snap early in the year. That meant we got snow, frost and some scary temperatures far too early! Also this had drastic consequences for the beautiful coloured leaves we get here in Poland at this time. Last year I was here in November, and I was bathed in sunshine and some of the most gorgeous browns, yellows, oranges, reds and all shades in between (of the leaves).
So let me start with our newest and noisiest addition yet (possible ever when it comes to the noise side of things). Ralph AKA Ralphunio, Sir Chirpsalot, Chirpy pants, Papuga, Mr Fluffy and most commonly referred to as "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU INSANE CREATURE". Yes, Ralph has the biggest lungs to bird ratio ever in the history of evolution.
Sinister looking Ralph shadows!

He is able to chirp so loud that, when we first got him, I was walking home turned the corner of our street from the main road, a road with buses, trucks and many cars. On turning this corner, I could hear chirping or screaming depending on how you look at it. I looked up to our house and could see Marta had left the window open to let some fresh air in the house when she went to work. So yes, he is clinically insane. But we love him, as he is so pretty and eats from our hands, if he isn't biting us, that is.

Also Autumn, as the weather was freezing, inspired me to make more liquours. So early in Autumn, I started on a Pear liquour, as I had never had a pear liquour before. So I thought I should give it a go. 1 litre of Vodka, a litre of Brandy, about 250g of brown and white sugar mixed and enough hot water to dissolve it (500ml), and a couple of kilos of pears later, you get the base of the liquour to stew for a few months.


Erin said...

Methinks your love bird needs a mate. Shouldn't love birds always be in pairs...?? Poor little fella....he's loud because he's lonely.

Garth said...

Well Erin, yes and no. He would still be noisey with a partner, he would just be noisey with her. They are talkative birds and love attention. So if we aren't talking to him he will let us know. :)

According to the pet shop owner and numerous websites love birds will actually be more quiet when alone. He is fine most of the time, but goes a little nuts every now and again. He has three distinct chirps, only one is horrible.

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