Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More of the Autumn

So as you saw Autumn was smaller for me this year rather than last. It didn't involve me travelling a crazy amount, nor did it involve the many colour changes that I had the chance to snap in 2008. I really should have been better at it. But alas that was not the case. Part of the reason was a rather abrupt and rather vicious, in my eyes, cold snap.It came in the middle of Autumn, ruining the beautiful leaves on many trees as the more delicate of them decided to drop their leaves ASAP to enable them to continue to survive.
The moss continued to grow though as it was rather damp, and then, later it was warm again. So the lichens were wild and crazy around the place.There was plenty of rain to keep the grasses growing though, so I am sure it would be a great time for the dairy farmers.

Hence forth, I will endeavour to do this, however, I was able to do some other things.

In Sokolka, we had the chance to pick wild fruits for the making of whatever our hearts desired. One other great thing about this was that there was quite a heavy frost. This frost makes the fruit extra sweet and means that anything you want to do with them in the future now allows you to use less sugar.
Next will be what we took from the wild fruit trees. Also of course the end results.

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