Sunday, December 06, 2009

Best Black and Whites for the year of 2009

Hi all, following on from my last post about the colour pics here are my favourites of the black and white world. I am still shooting film but some of these are also from the digital camera shot direct in monochrome mode. None are converted afterwards, to me that is cheating. Please let me know what you think about these, it would be much appreciated.

X marks the shadow. Warsaw, Poland.
Wall-e world. Viseu, Portugal.

Smokey haze daze. Sokolka, Poland.
Norblin bits. Warsaw, Poland.
Sneaky shadow. Sokolka, Poland.
Bright lights of Lisbon.
Handle-abra. Lisbon, Portugal.
Sunny Sundays. Sokolka, Poland.
Fishy Knockers, Obiedos, Portugal.
Grannies on the move. Porto, Portugal.
Ghetto details. Warsaw, Poland.
Ele-fantastant. Warsaw, Poland.
Bottle Art. Douro, Portgual
Doorkey. Sokolka, Poland.
Dancer in the sky. Warsaw, Poland.
Crossed sky. Warsaw, Poland.
Cammo-mild. Sokolka, Poland
Beachy keen. Portugal
Granny trade. Barcelos, Portugal
Leafy days. Warsaw, Poland.
Lioneared. Warsaw, Poland.

Trees for life. Warsaw, Poland.

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