Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best photos of the year? Please help!

Hi all,

Firsty, thank you for reading me through out the year.

Now I am trying to make a top ten of my colour photos. So if you can have a look at the ones I am throwing up here and let me know which are best that would be great. There are only 20 odd here (that is down from the nearly 2000 taken this year). This is the colour series and a later group of black and whites will come through too.

Thanks for helping!

1) Summer Fruits
2) Wacky World of Warsaw
3) Cabeleireiro
4) Revenge of the Mimes
5) Rainy Days
6) Marked!
7) Tea Cups a go go
8) Praia Del Rey
9) Faturas or Fasturas
10) Fast times at the Fair
11) Shadowy Churros
12) Fun is fast
13) Peniche Beache
14) Hale Mirowskie
15) Running of the Jellyfish
16) Caracoles
17) Make a prayer come true
18) Lil and Big Belem
19) Late Summer Meadow
20) Modelling the Curves
21) Hefty Tat
22) MArt the Model
23) Guimares Day
24) Mateus Winery Grounds
25) Douro grapes - not destined for Port any more
26) Ducklings on the market
27) Beans and Olives
28) All Saints Day

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