Monday, November 16, 2009

Pierogi Oz style.

As many a person knows, I love Pierogi! As most people who are exposed to truly good pierogi will think the exact same thing. So I thought, being a scientist, it can't be too hard to make my own recipe of Pierogi or dumplings in simple English. So without a recipe, I made a scone style base with minimal raising agent and instead with wholemeal flour. The original Pierogi recipes tend to use only light white flour. You might remember an earlier posting with these photos.

These Pierogi are fried. So they end up brown, but if you get them boiled/steamed instead they look less brown and crispy.

Now, to make mine! First point, before I even made the dough that I have already mentioned, I needed to make the filling. As you cannot put a hot filling into dough; it ruins it. So I needed to make a nice filling. I decided to make a very traditional food, which is cabbage and mushrooms all shredded up and reduced down with a little stock and some white pepper.
Roll out some small balls, about the size to make a nice palm of the hand covered.
Throw in a small fork full of cooled cabbage based mixture and start folding.
folding, pressing, folding, pressing, folding, pressing

And then tuck it in.
Happy days, you have a delicate and pretty little package full of delicious filling. I decided to roast, as I was unsure how delicate the pastry would be. They survived well, and I liked the results! I also made a variation with the cabbage and blue cheese, they paired perfectly well. Hmmmmmm, what will be next? Golonka....????

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