Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something's cooking!!

So I have been lately cooking up a storm in the kitchen. On the weekend, we had some of Marty's relatives over for dinner, we cooked Asian pastries, Indian Beef, Spinach and Chickpea curry with homemade Naan bread and dessert was the ever staple in this house of Apple Crumble. It all appeared to go down a treat. We also were able to drink a St Halletts Shiraz from the Barossa, thanks to the lovely importers of Marks and Spencer. Sometimes I do like this globalisation!

So I thought, as I am always talking about food I cook to my students, friends, family, complete strangers and even at times inanimate objects, I should through a few recent photos up. Many are inspired by Poland, sometimes the weather, sometimes the food available and other times by absolutely nothing at all.

So we can start with the influence of the markets at Hale Mirowski where we saw the lovely little chicken mushrooms.
Fry them with some lovely butter,
Add some cream.
And combine them with Asian marinated free range duck, and some breadcrumbed garlic yellow beans! Yumo!
Another day, when I was home due to some cancelled classes, I decided to buy some roasting beef and cook it very slowly, so that at the end of it all, I could shred it and serve it on a bed of mashed potato.
Another time, I wanted to make a pie. So I used some decent beef with some lovely porter, look at it froth away! It made a lovely steak and stout potato pie at the end of the day.
Now to some Rydze mushrooms, as you saw in the market photos earlier, these are very pretty mushrooms. So I took them and added herbs, cream and a healthy dose of black pepper to make a lovely rich sauce.Then I took turkey mince, added more herbs and spices, breadcrumbs, eggs, capsicum, and some blue cheese as a filling. Whipped up some barley...
And hey, presto meal made in all of about 25 minutes!
Problem being with my limited Polish, I didn't know the number for anything smaller than half a kilo of mushrooms. Therefore I needed another evening of planning to come up with a simple mushroom, ham and potato stew. Really great for cold Winter days. Match that with some fresh dark brown bread and you are on a warming Winter streak!
So cooking is super duper easy! I will be adding more food things now as I know you all love them.

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