Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some of the late summer memories, warm your soul.

I know for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you are all worried about it already being too hot! But for those of us in the Northern part of the world that is saturated in cloud, I thought it might be nice to turn back the clock a few months and stare at the great warmth of late Summer.
This is one of the little meadows that are scattered around us. We have them almost in all directions from our house. They are great places to walk and watch happy puppies chase birds and over stimulate themselves with a sniff directed at everything they can possibly.

The wild grasses sway lazily in sunshine and make you think of happy things, and one of the best things about Warsaw is that these meadows seem to pop up anywhere there isn't a building.
Something else you notice in Poland is that there are a lot of fruits on the trees, however most of them are poisonous to us and many other animals. However, these are mirabelki, wild yellow plums, deemed edible by all Polish kiddy-winks scrambling through the grassy fields.
At that stage, we were strolling in a place after there had been no rain for an extended period, and we found this little fella strolling along the path looking for some water or at least cool environments across the way.
More poisonous berry like fruits.

Then there is Marty walking away into the sunset, or at least to the supermarket at the end of the road.

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