Monday, November 02, 2009

Sometimes I get distracted.....

Yes, yes indeed, lots of things happen in my life. Some good, some not so much good as great. With the very odd bad event happening.

It really is fun being me sometimes, my life experiences jump from one random thing to another. However, it isn't all pate and crumpets, sometimes, well, most the time, I find hard is keeping up with myself. If my hairy coyote legs could run anywhere near as fast as my thoughts, then Mr Bolt would easily be the second fastest ex-cricketer in the world.

I take photos with thoughts of things I will do in my mind, I think of ways I would love to photograph things or people. Then I realise I don't have the facilities, knowledge or models for the things I think of. Oh well, I am sure something will come up, one day.

During summer we had lots of fun, it was nice when you didn't even need to wear at least 3 layers of clothes and the only time you shivered was when you grabbed a cold bottle of wine or beer from the fridge.

So one thing that happened is that Zuza, one of Marty's friends from Warsaw by way of Madrid, came over for lunch on a lovely sunny day.
Is she just eyes?
Obviously not.Having a very heated debate about what part of the Macarena comes next.
Let's face it, anything can be overcome by sweets.Sweet-Biscuit base with fresh raspberries, blueberries and some sweetened cream........
Yes, it was indeed a ram it in your mouth morsel.
Could anything else scream summer more? I ask you.

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