Friday, December 18, 2009

News Flash!

News just in from WWW that is Warsaw the Winter Wonderland.
It appears that life as we knew it is dead! The world has proven to be totally racist in that all is now officially white.
So it started off earlier in the week with a light dusting, which makes for nice patterns.
But patterns are part of the greatness of life. To me things that are consistent aren't boring. They are things of wonder. I really like how simple tyre tracks on paving stones can look. That is just me though.
Or how you see the man holes have halos of warmth around them.

A question my students ask me, as does Marty, is about the weather and how do I cope. So how does an Australian know when he has hit snow and not just really really white sand?
Well he has thongs with socks and jeans as a start.
Also that what he thought was a lovely white beach just ends up being the balcony as he can tell by the coldness, oh and the tiles under his footprints.

Transmission terminated, we now resume to your normal programming.

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