Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Stroll Home.

After a lovely day of drifting about in fantastic winter sun, then guzzling down coffee and cake, all in the Near Vistula area of Warsaw, it was time to head to the Metro and home. The problem for Marty, no matter how cold, hungry, thirsty, bursting for the bathroom or bored she is, photography still manages to distract me. Especially when the sun is getting low and soft making great long shadows and dragging my eye from one scene to another. I do honestly wonder why she comes out on walks with me sometimes. I know that when on holidays, I am always worried about losing her, as I do put my head down and chase photos regularly or goof around trying to get the image right or just wondering about something I see.

So I got distracted here by the sharp like and sharper shadows.
I love when light plays tricks on your mind. Like here making you think that the light is on while it is just the sunlight.
To make the boss happy, I made her look movie starlike, and she decided to ignore me as any good movie star would.
Then we get to a favourite corner to people watch, Ulice Swietokrzyska and Nowy Swiat. Nice burst of sunlight and some long loping giantesque shadows.
Then when I totter over to the Western side you get to see some nice architecture and I can hide in the dark shadows.
So I can take photos of girls in Grannylike jackets smoking at crossings.
Then I decide to run further up the street and hide in more shadows while people squint into the sunshine and I snap away freely.
Then we see a couple of old friends, Mr Palace and Miss National Bank.
The latter home to the classical Wonky Windows photo from a few years ago. I thought I would have another try.
Then, in a science fiction styled twist, we are attacked by the eye of the Intercontinental, run my children, head for the underground.
Of course on the way to the Metro, I needed to stop at the lights, so why not take a photo of Polish winter fashions.....
Or Just grannies with really strange hats and looking like they are holding hands? Either way, we must run to the Metro to escape! Run!


cousteer said...

Nice work Garth.

Gee Em said...

Cheers Mikey! May all your cuttlefish turn out to be squids.

Paddy said...

Really nice pics.

Gee Em said...

Cheers Paddy. It is much easier to get motivated when there is sun!

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