Sunday, February 13, 2011

Filtry Finale

Ok so we are reaching the finale of the Filtry! Yay! I hear you think! OK I think that is clearly enough exclamation marks for today. So lets continue here, to be honest the filtry finale will be mostly about pictures as I found the end of the tour to be pretty much breathtaking.

So lets take that chain and lock off and away we go.
When people are craning their necks you know it is either going to be something funny, scary or just amazing..... which will it be?
Well it is the later.
This is THE filtry part of Filtry.
I have to admit to have gone a little silly with photos of it.

So there you have it that is what is underground in Warsaw. Please to all Warsawians or people who are visiting in Summer, get there on the weekend and see this it is really amazing and interesting. Also please stop drinking bottled water, the tap is there for free and you don't make waste!
So after a fabulous and sweltering day underground we have to let the sun set and move on. Next we hope to be back to the future so to speak and to be in Warsaw 2011!

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