Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mystery of the Underground .... Filtry II

So the thing about Filtry is that you can find water in all different ways, mostly they are practical, but at least on a hot day one like this, being impractical normally was actually really popular as it was creating a great spray for everyone to stand in while listening to the tour guide. With -7C outside, those days seem a world away now.
At the front of the treatment room, there are a couple of nice touches this one with the man drinking below the picture reads "Pragnienie", which means thirst.
The other side of the main door has a woman bathing, "Czystosc", meaning cleanliness.
I think these two are funny, as people in Poland almost never drink tap water and prefer to pollute the earth with bottles from bottled water (I will discuss this in another post) and whilst, and please allow me to sterotype and generalise here, the women in Poland tend to be immaculate and very well kept, the men can be less so. You notice it most with the men not understanding showering and deoderant. This is not just a summer phenomenon, and the ends of the scale, old men and young teenagers, tend not to bath very often. Well, according to smells I get the pleasure of.

Inside the treatment room
Time to learn about the processing of water.
You gotta love old school things. They are just clunky and cool.
Plus there are always shiny things to look at.
And grab, let the floodgates open!
These buttons just look totally out of a 1960's movie about war games with the Russians.
If you don't hand over our spies, we will use this filter to stop the sun reaching your crops.
What is this? A locked door!? I wonder what is behind it......

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