Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunnyday - The Day of Rest and Restitution

So, it was a really lovely sunny Sunday. It was glaringly bright sunshine but the temperature was still below 0C in the shade. But there was a plan to go and see the new Polish Design display at the National Museum and so we got up early, showered, fed ourselves, rugged up and hit the road. We strolled from the Metro up to the Museum to, when we entered, be shocked and proud at the same time. The foyer was crammed full of eager people. Probably around 300 Warsawians crammed in to see the things their grandparents still have in the basements and lockups. I was really proud, even though I am not Polish, nor from Warsaw officially, I am always amazed at how the population can be excited by cultural things. This was a classic example.

This all said, we were done. We didn't want to share the tour with so many people. So we decided to head off and run around the area East of Nowy Swiat called Powiśle. This literally translates as near the Vistula. It was originally the poorest people of Warsaw in the past 3 centuries until WWII, when it was destroyed in the uprising, as it was an area of high volume and heavy fighting.

We decided to work our way in from corner of Nowy Swiat and Aleje Jerozolimskie.
Just off Nowy Swiat we found this really nice little courtyard which I never knew you could get into, but Marty found a gate and off we went.
I do just love the simplicity
Travel broadens the mind but a fairytale does it better. Quite apt, Pan Ambrozy.
On that note Marty found someone fairytale like to play with.
So adorable these things.
And so darned big. I think more public spaces should be muralised. I do love the simplicity of some parts of life, yes. However, things like this that celebrate talent and skill. They inspire and are just as important for the happiness of architecture. Do it, Warsaw!
We strolled into a car park because we wanted to look at some of the buildings in the area. Sometimes carparks can actually be interesting.
My father loves bricks as an inside to a house. I hate them. But I do love them outside after they age a little and start to give some nice soft colours.
Back to my simple shadows.
The odd light reflections are things that will always attract me.
There was a little man in this security hut watching tv nice and loud and I just thought this glimpse on his hidden life was too tempting not to snap. So all of these pics and we haven't even got to coffee yet! bbbbbrrrrrrrrrr cold old Warsaw... Next stop coffee time.

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