Monday, June 25, 2012

My real love in Poland

Is this my real love? I think I can't tell my wife, but I think I am in love.

I am often asked by people "Of all the places you have lived what are the reasons you live in Poland?", there are of course many answers to this. However, one of the greatest things about Poland is the seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Being from Australia we do have season, but being so physically big we have the chance to produce almost everything the year round. The difference is that here you can get all these things year round, but with huge air miles attached to them and therefore no flavour. Hence, why I get so excited about certain times of the year because of the foods that the season brings.

Now is THE most magical time when all of my favourites co-exist! Raspberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Gooseberries, Dillberries, and the list goes on. Here is a mini tribute to what I am stuffing into my fat mouth nowadays. These were all bought from out local open air market the prices were roughly as follows:
Cherries:            8PLN/kg
Strawberries:      7PLN/kg
Dillberries:          20PLN/kg      
Gooseberries:     16PLN/kg
Raspberries:        16PLN/kg            
N.B. current exchange rates are 1AUD =PLN3.39, 1GBP=5.25, 1USD=3.37, 1NZD=2.66, 1EUR=4.24

The jagoda is often translated by Poles incorrectly as blueberry (which is actually Borówka) but is actually the Dillberry
Raspberry, delicate, sweet and fresh are unbeatable (with the exception of my favourite Blackberries)
Strawberries, always great, especially in jam.
We decided recently that cherries are to Poles what grapes are to Australians you get the bursting with freshness and flavour so that they actually make a popping sound in your mouth when fresh.
Agrest is the often maligned gooseberry
They go from green to purple and are really high in pectin, great for jams.
So slice 'em up
And whack 'em together with some greek joghurt and you are eating healthily and happily.


Anonymous said...

actually it's not "dillberry", but "bilberry"

Gee Em said...

Yes, you are absolutely right. I always get that wrong. Thanks for correcting me.