Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

Around the fields there are lots of wildflowers all different colours and shapes. There are some very pretty things. You can find these anywhere around Poland, even in the middle of Warsaw, just on the weekend I picked Marty a big posy of wild flowers from a wasteland no more than 500m from our location or residence. They are more colourful, indigenous and free so in many ways better than the store bought, greenhouse grown options found in every kwiaciarnia in town.Of course, these flowers bring many fabulous insects and birds around attracted by the pollen, and maybe just the beauty.... I can always dream.

Some form of Coleoptera, I have never been great at entomology so we'll leave it at that.
They do have hairy legs though.

And really nice iridescence
Wild strawberries (poziomki), delicious but lots of work to collect them!
The flowers of the wild strawberry
Hold on, hopefully summer goes forever this time!
Always nice hanging outside.

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