Sunday, June 03, 2012

Long Night of Museums (Noc Muzeów)

Across Europe and, in fact, around the world there is a night called "Long Night of Museums" (Noc Muzeów) where many locations of cultural interest open up and special events take place in the evening through to midnight or 1AM. Why would people do this? Well, it is to open up places of interest to people who may not get the chance normally. It allows families the chance to all go together to places like the Parliament or National Institutions to which they normally couldn't gain access, or could not attend due to working "regular" hours.

For this years trip we went to the Railway museum as we had never been, as well as that we strolled into to into the PAST building to take in the late twilight. The only problem everyone finds with the Museum nights is the long lines to these places as everyone wants to go to the same places. The Railway museum was really easy just walk on it, as it is out of the centre of town. Where as the PAST building, originally the tallest building in Warsaw had nearly an hour wait to get to the top. It was, however, worth it for the great views that give a different perspective to the Palace of Culture. I only wish I had have brought my tripod.

A tribute to the Warsaw uprising
I get the feeling from the top right hand corner this was done by a Legia supporter.

The poster advertising the night.

Red pig restaurant. yum.
PAST building facade

The last of the twilight, alas the line was so long we missed the best colours.

Stadium afar

New metro stop works

And to home for a night cap.
I will have to post some from last year as we never made it to a museum but had a look at an old tram on our way to a party where I drank far too much vodka. For the last time, may I add.

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