Monday, May 28, 2012

Euro Spoko

With the Euro only a bees breath away, I thought it only poignant to put some photos up of the new stadium. I did take them just as the good weather started so there isn't a huge amount of tree life around, but it gives you an idea of what it (the new national stadium) looks like. Of course, I haven't been inside yet, but hopefully one day soon.

Most Poniatowskiego (Poniatowski bridge)

From the West end of the bridge to the stadium across the Vistula

Kasia is in love on the bridge

Looks good up close, no?

The Vistula and its little sand isle

full of ducks and seagulls

Family fun on the beach

A few buds were popping

Remnant of the original stadium a statue about competition

Off to Saska Kępa, the embassy district

I'm in London still!

Some cool 60's architecture
Love the round balconies
Amongst some of the most expensive domestic real estate in Warsaw you can still get something that needs some love and care. Dąbrówki 4.
So let the games begin.

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