Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sister City Berlin Day 2

So onto Day 2. Once again, lots of photos, so will minimise the chatter. Berlin, a lovely city. There is lots to see, lots to do and if you are looking for an Italian restaurant then this is your city. When we tried hunting down something traditional we could only find two things one obviously now being an Italian restaurant. The other were expensive "traditional" restaurants. We called them expensive by what we call the new Big Mac Index, the Schnitzel Index. Ranging from nearly 20 Euros through to the cheapest we saw at an unfortunately closed restaurant at 8 Euros. We ended up walking around 14km this day a large portion during the search for food. Yes, we do love to eat.
Breakfast at a great bakery that is also a cafe, not the other way round.
Bakers to the right delivery girl to the left.

And a classic German start to the day dark bread, meat, cheese and coffee.
This guy was just quackers
Once we got him to stop ranting he wouldn't give us any directions. Ducks are bastards.
I believe he is saying "huh?"

Without ever being to NYC this made me think of NYC
Toucan's better than one
In situ
Big and bold
In situ with the cigarette vending machines
Forward mein hund
Not sneakier than a fox now. Right horse?
What might glisten behind the trees?
Let's stare and find out
No get back you cannot see.
Should we escape back down the path?
No, onward it is to the Siegessäule.

Such a cute toilet sign
Tunnel to the Siegessäule.

Der Himmel Uber means the sky above. Nice little addition
A really cool sensor wall, that lights up LED's when you walk past
A time lapse of someone walking past.
The wings of the Siegessäule.

Dude, you are way drunk let me call you a taxi
Oh man, I shouldn't have drank this whole flask
I'll just rest here a little while before I sober up

chiming tower


German Chancellery
You have to admit being in a bikini in front of your parliament is pretty cool.
A what is it photo, no?

Bunny bike boy
Hipsterville courtyard restaurant

Made you look

Tractors and buckets of soul food must be good.

XOXO or advertising for OXO stock cubes?


Old school.... or a a bad pun?

Coffee time

Or beer will do.

The long awaited Schnitzel

My "man" plate of grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled pork and a fried sausage.... I hear colon cancer calling now.
Great day, even if we walked forever.

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