Saturday, May 19, 2012

Berlin finito

So the final wrap up from the trip. It was really great. We had a fabulous time and the weather was perfect, the costs were lower than we thought and the beer was good. I must admit we are pretty positive about Berlin, it had a nice vibe to it.
Einstein now does relativity coffee
this was as close as I got to a currywurst this time round
B'burg gate
Holocaust memorial
This is actually the science museum
The last breakfast
And what a fantastic one it was, thanks Giro D'Espresso
Giro D'Espresso
The Germans are intelligent they took the old East German crossing man and made it marketable calling it Ampelmannchen
That's grate thanks
As we stroll to the train station we stop for cake
The famous Buchwald Baumkuchen also found in Poland known as Sękacz
Just by the Spree and a sunny court yard made a nice place to stop Buchwald Baumkuchen
The Berlin Bear popping up everywhere
Berlin Owl?
More bear action
When the sun explodes so does all the white Berliner skin.
If they aren't sun tanning they are riding on bikes
I've always been a fan of the griffen

And the Hauptbahnhoff awaits for us to go back on that 5 hour train to Warsaw. Thanks Berlin, your a great sister.

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