Friday, May 11, 2012

Berlin Berlin Berlin (yes day three)

So again there will be plenty of photos, so few words. Day three, lots of strolling after a great breakfast. I cruise through the hipster centre of Auguststraße .Was another great day weather wise, and all finished at a brew pub and a walk through the grounds of Charlottenburg palace.
Mac for the Mrs

Eggs in a glass
Mans plate for me
Manstein quality cafe.
Synagog door
The gog
A lighted time

"museum pieces" is actually the former post office (Postfuhramt), now home to various businesses. (thanks to Czary Kapturek)
Front and back on the street
Grilling in the park
Super spy
Love colour
It is in the detail people.
Black white black white
Hot, time for beer.
More sausage
And an Ale for me.
German golonka, not as good as Polish, sorry Berlin.
late evening

Starry night
Bright lady
Nude warrior
Must have been cold when they modeled this one
Warriors in the eve
Tulips at sunset

And it ends with a romantic stroll


Czary kapturek said...

The best place for beer I know in Berlin is on Oranienburgerstrasse, close to the S-Bahn station, and it called Aufsturz. They have about 200 types of beer there.

The photo you labelled "museum pieces" is actually the former post office (Postfuhramt), now home to various businesses.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Czary Kapturek, I am sure we will get back to Berlin at some stage as it is so close to us so I will definitely check out the Oranienbergerstrasse, sounds like my kind of place! :) Thanks for the Postfuhramt info too, I will edit the caption now :)We never went in so I had no idea what it actually was :D

Czary kapturek said...

No worries. I only got to know because a company I worked for had its office there. Close to there on Auguststrasse is a club called Clärchen Ballhaus, where they have a ball room and its an old nightclub from the GDR days. I think the same people still go there, though young people also go there. It's a place where a real mix of people go, and the food is very good. They do various dance lessons as well.

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