Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Berlin Aquarium fun and Kebab heaven.

So on a really hot forth day we headed to somewhere cool. The aquarium.

You might remember from the time we spent in the greatest aquarium I have ever seen in Lisbon, that i really like jellyfish. When they aren't stinging you of course.

They also have Vivariums and Terrariums there. So you get to see some of our scaly and osmotically challenged friends.

The zoo front.

Then we were getting a little peckish so we headed to somewhere we had talked about for a while. Mustapha's Gemuse Kebaps. It is over in Mehringdam. I had heard about it by searching on the web for the best kebab in Berlin. I found an amazing forum where people were talking about kebabs and all the different styles across Berlin, of course, Berlin being the home of the modern kebab. Mustapha's was a popular choice for best in Berlin. We walked out of the U Bahn hoping to be at the right exit and we were. We very happily saw the little shack that is the shop and walked around it to get in line, and what a line it was.
After about 25 minutes.

Slowly getting there

We can see action with a squish of lemon

Tired, but we have our booty.

And the kids just love them
We grabbed that 3.90Euro complete Durum and destroyed it in minutes after waiting the hour in the line. I have to admit it was actually worth it.
Hey they are so good even Mustafa himself eats them!
The biggest problem, is that after you finish, you want to have another because they are that good. Just that I didn't want to spend 3 hours lining up for kebabs on holiday. But I seriously would do another hour right now for one. Quality fresh ingredients and all made with care. Everyone leaves here happy, unless they don't like waiting for quality food.


Amelia said...

I love aquariums and this seems like a really great one! I love that the aquarium has so many different species and they're all taken very good care of. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

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