Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Metro Line in Warsaw

Something that I haven't ever really mentioned is that there is a new Metro line on the cards. It is being dug out at the moment. The works are causing some headaches for the drivers, but what it has done it shown how the city can survive very easily with some if its main roads closed in the Centrum area. At present there is only one Metro line in Warsaw running North-South on the West/Left bank. The new line will eventually connect with the East/Right bank of the Vistula. It will be interesting to see how that changes growth on that side as well as housing prices. Anyway, while I was in the city centre recently I decided to take a few quick photos of the on going works, as boys love big toys and noise it was fun.
The PASTA building

muddy covering

remember no bike riding in the metro

notice about the on going work

The only metro line running through.

Home to blooms

and some spicy prawn pasta.

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