Friday, May 04, 2012

Sister City - Berlin

Warsaw is twinned or sistered to 30 other cities (and one region), of which I have been to Paris, Bangkok, and Berlin. Last time I was in Berlin was actually just after my second visit to Poland in the cold of December of 2008. This time in the full swing of Spring gone were the winter markets and the hot wine with a warming kick of rum, and in it was with a full array of greenery, blue skies and actually sweltering temperatures. Majowka (may-oof-ka) is a traditional holiday time in Poland where the Constitution day and Labour day combine to give an easy to take holiday week. So many Poles will hit the Mazury lake district, Southern Mountains or Baltic coastline, we thought we'd see a sister to our home in Berlin.

To me, Berlin is seriously like Warsaw. The main differences, in geographical/environmental sense, are the usage of the Spree vs the Wisla and the urban transport. I am not saying the Berlin transport is better, there is just a greater variety of it, there is the U-bahn, the S-bahn, the trams, the buses and lots and lots of bikes around.
We bought the red book.

first lunch Nuremburg sausages

Spicy chicken stew

On looker

First beer of the trip


way of the rails

Damn! Wein not wine Festival!

Dear Mum, I need more buttons.

Turtle with a pipe

With the sun comes the crows by the river

Just loving a beer

Miss your boobs are out.

I can see your doodle
Where's Mrs Wally?

This is a punk goat, it has a pierced horn

itchy kitchy koo
First dark beer

second and better dark beer.

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