Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Rome.

Ancient Rome.... kind of sounds like a contradiction in terms to most people. We all think of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Romans in togas, all those stereotypical things you can imagine that were associated with Asterix and Obelix or that Julius Caesar salad guy. So, here they all are, except maybe the salad.....

After enjoying all these old sites we needed a good lunch. We stumbled upon this restaurant.
I had sausage with beans.

She the fishcakes with roasted potatoes.

Now the Pantheon

We were lucky to enjoy some free performances when we arrived

This nymph was part of a Russian singing troop
Also a fun place to photograph the crowd.

Couple of kilos of those white truffles please....

The only photo of the Trevi fountain was actually more about the hipsters in front of it

Christmas Markets

Oh no the light is going... he says

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